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Dental Implants in Goodyear


The worst part about missing teeth is the loss of a normal bite. If you or a loved one have missing teeth Drs. Adam and Lynda Smith can restore your smile with dental implants. Estrella Mountain Dentistry provides full dental implant treatment in Goodyear for patients 18 years of age and up. Our dentists have extensive experience in both implant placement and restoration, ensuring you achieve a fully functional smile that looks better than it used to.


The Best Method for Restoring Teeth 

When a single tooth is missing, its absence is felt with every bite, and this is increasingly true when multiple teeth, or whole rows, are absent. By addressing tooth related issues from their foundations, dental implants resolve any feelings of deficiency in the smile. Implant posts are surgically placed into selected sites in the jaw and serve as attachment units for dental prosthetics.

An improvement over traditional crowns, bridges, and dentures, implant restorations are permanently affixed to these posts and become an integrated whole. Posts, acting as artificial roots, support a normal bite and take the pressure of the jaw in an organic way. Prosthetics sit atop the gums and look uniform next to existing healthy teeth, and the same applies to implant-supported dentures. Implant posts are designed to last longer than 25 years, giving many patients a rejuvenated smile for a lifetime. 

Replacing Missing Teeth in Goodyear

At our practice, it is our goal to fashion prosthetics that withstand the daily demands of natural teeth and do so for many years. We offer the following implant restorations to complete the smile: 

Crowns replace individual teeth anywhere in the smile. Porcelain crowns are the best replacement option for patients receiving a single-tooth extraction or have lost a tooth. 

Bridges are fabricated from porcelain and are anchored by two or more implants. They restore multiple teeth in a row to maintain oral health and jaw function.  

Dentures do not require the additional maintenance associated with traditional dentures.  Implant-supported dentures are a great option for those undergoing full mouth extraction, or for patients who want a more stable option. 

Hybrid Dentures are retrofitted from existing dentures, then attached to implants. These are removable by the dentist, but utilize the existing appliance you know and trust. 

A Custom Plan from Estrella Mountain Dentistry

If you choose to proceed with implant treatment, we ensure your comfort by guiding you throughout the entire process. From consultation to restoration, we keep patients well-informed and work closely with them to create a positive experience.  

Our dentists begin the process with a unique treatment plan detailing the number of implants required, the location of placements, and the expected length from beginning to end. We are one of the few dentists in the area utilizing a 3D Cone Beam Scanner to plan implant placement. This machine gives us a clear understanding of your overall oral health and individual structures within the smile.  

After the planning process is complete, we will perform any preliminary procedures such as bone grafts or periodontal therapy. If no pre-procedures are necessary, then we place the implant(s} and give them a few months’ time to integrate to the jaw. Once healed, patients are paired with custom restorations, effectively completing treatment. 

Contact Estrella Mountain Dentistry for Dental Implants

Call our practice if you want to know more about dental implants, or you can schedule a consultation. Our dentists serve adults with missing teeth from Goodyear to Litchfield Park, Pebblecreek, and surrounding cities. 


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.



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